Boy Takes Care Of His Tired Mom And Her Belongings After She Falls Asleep On The Train.


It’s always nice to see when parents are clearly doing an excellent job raising their children. There are some children out there who are just so polite, respectful, and well-mannered that you just have to give credit to the parents who raised them. A little boy in China is a great example of this, and he is receiving plenty of attention all over the internet for demonstrating some amazing personal qualities.

The boy was photographed looking after his sleeping mother on a subway in the southwestern province of Sichuan. The boy is using his hand as a pillow for his mother, who has her head resting to the side. The little boy also took responsibility for her purse, carrying it over his shoulder as she slept. According to others on the train, the boy even gave up his seat for a woman boarding with her baby.

The photograph of the boy was shared by @zhibochengdu to Weibo, and made its way to the Facebook page of the China Global TV Network. The boy has received incredible praise from Weibo users.

“The kid is so tender. I can’t believe he is a boy. He did something that doesn’t quite match his age,” writes one user going by the handle @ershidexiaoyuanba.

If only all children were as respectful as this young man appears to be!

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