Cows Are Kept Inside Barn For 6 Months, Captured Footage When Set Free Goes Viral


When you are stuck indoors during the freezing cold winter months with ice and snow piling up outside, you cannot await the arrival of spring. This outlook holds true for animals, too. Spring fever is legitimate, especially in places like the Netherlands, which is home to approximately four million cattle; half of those are dairy cattle. Thanks to the ample rainfall the area receives, their grassy pastures are blanketed with lush green grass, but when it turns cold, everything changes. Because it gets so cold in the wintertime in the Netherlands, the cattle have to be dragged away from their favorite pastures to hang out inside barns where it’s toasty warm and they receive a constant supply of hay.

So when springtime arrives, the cows cannot wait to hoof it straight outdoors to their tasty green grass. In fact, it’s become an annual event in Holland and other areas known as “Koeien in de wei,” which translates to cows in the pasture. It typically falls on a Saturday in April and people show up to the farms to watch this heartwarming tradition. With a blast of fresh air to the face and delicious fresh grass under their hooves, the cows cannot wait to moooove around outdoors once again.

In the video below, people are gathered around in a roped off area with their cameras capturing the raw emotions of the cows once they are unleashed to the outdoors. The bovine crowd into the opening of their barn – but as soon as they spy that green grass, they literally begin jumping for joy as they bound out of the barn! Known as the koeiendans, or cow dance, the cows express how happy they are at that very moment. Watch in the video below this amazing reaction the cooped up cows have once they are outdoors again, including one adorable and frisky calf. It had been a long time since the cows experienced being outside – you can tell how joyful they are!

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